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13:00 - 11th December 2012, by FSM Staff

Bret Hart's Ex-Wife Speaks

Candidly honest, Bret Hart detailed his various affairs in his book, "Hitman: My Real Life In The Cartoon World Of Wrestling". Laying it all out before the reader, Hart recalls many scenarios in which he cheated on his then-wife, Julie Hart whilst out on the road with WWE and other companies. Despite not being proud of his actions, and the knowledge that it would impact on his holier-than-thou image in the eyes of many fans, Hart was remarkably open regarding his mis-demeanours.

Unhappy with her portrayal as the nagging, angry wife character, Julie looks to tell her own side of the story within the pages of her own upcoming book, "Hart Strings: My Life with the Hitman, the Hart Family and Me". Speaking recently to Kayfabe Kickout.com, Julie gave details on the drama surrounding the events of WWE's (1997 Survivor Series) "Montreal Screwjob", and sheds light on the overall purpose of her book.

"So much has been said about that night, but there was just so much tension going on in general both in our marriage and wrestling as a whole. 1997 was the breaking point for wrestling and in many ways, my marriage with Bret. Outside of real-life tragedies such as Owen's death and his stroke, that was the hardest night of Bret's life for sure."

The (upcoming) book will be as honest as Bret's book, but focus more on my life story, not Bret's. The book reveals my life growing up as a foster kid, then the story of how Bret and I became involved and raising our family. It's not going to be like Linda Hogan's book that's for sure!"

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