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13:42 - 13th December 2012, by FSM Staff

James Storm: Wrestling Needs To Pace Itself

Speaking during a recent interview, Bully Ray shared his belief that less is more when it comes to wrestling Pay-Per-View. The argument that pro wrestling should return to the days of four major PPV's per year is a common one, both amongst fans and those involved in the industry itself.

TNA have recently announced plans to scrap several shows from the annual PPV calendar, with the idea being longer gaps between events will lead to a sense of more importance on marquee PPV's such as Lockdown or Bound For Glory.

Throwing his weight behind the argument, "Cowboy" James Storm - one of TNA's homegrown stars - recently spoke to FSM. Talking of the need to downsize the already over-saturated PPV market, Storm agrees with Ray that their needs to be more of a special feel to every major show.

"You have a PPV every month now, but there were only four per year back when I was growing up. Nowadays, there's so much going on with WWE, UFC and TNA all running there big shows on a monthly basis, so I definitely think that wrestling should return to only running those four big shows every year. That way there's more time to build up storylines, and then see a bigger pay-off from that", Storm told FSM.

"I guess it boils down to the fact that Spike TV are the ones who really pay the bills in TNA, so it's important to please them. Hopefully it all comes together in the end, with the Pay-Per-Views, TV show and live events. At the end of the day, they're all important equally".

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