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12:00 - 22nd December 2012, by FSM Staff

Wade Barrett: I Was Furious About Injury

On a roll and eager to make an impact at Wrestlemania XXVIII, Wade Barrett was in the middle of an extended program with Randy Orton when he suffered a nasty elbow injury during a multi-man match on Raw in February. Trying to catch Dolph Ziggler (who had been thrown to the outside by The Big Show) with only one arm, Barrett required surgery to repair torn ligaments.

Speaking out on the injury woes which sidelined him until September during a recent interview, the UK-born star also stressed how pleased he was to see his former stablemates in the Nexus go on to do well in WWE.

"I took myself away from wrestling for a while. A lot of people think when you're off you need to study wrestling nonstop. At that point in time, that was completely the wrong thing for me. The worst thing was being around wrestling. Such as, I had to go to WrestleMania this year and do a lot of signings and AXXESS, and I hated every second of it simply because I don't want to be at WrestleMania unless I'm there to compete. I really was working on my rehab and doing a WWE Studios film, "Dead Man Down," with Colin Farrell and Terrence Howard. That was a great thing to get involved with while I was out. But really, the whole time I was out, I was pretty furious about how things had happened", Barrett told WWE Magazine.

"I'm actually a big supporter of the majority of the guys from The Nexus, so their success obviously doesn't bother me one bit. Heath Slater has done a great job. I've always found him entertaining, so it's not shocking to me. Justin Gabriel is a great performer, too. It comes as no surprise to me that I feel no jealousy, really. I was always very pleased to see their success".

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