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12:35 - 3rd January 2013, by FSM Staff

Terry Funk: I Am Retired For Good

A running joke amongst many of his peers, Terry Funk would need more than his fingers to count the number of times he has called time on his legendary pro wrestling career. Having made his debut in the mid-1960's, Funk is part of one of the most famous families in the industry, as well as being one of the most respected names in the business.

In an extremely rare interview appearance, Funk told the Ministry Of Slam wrestling radio show that he feels it's time to finally hang up the boots, with nothing left to achieve in his profession.

"I really don't do interviews all that often, and am pretty much out the game now, but I appreciate when folks want to talk to me - especially when they're so courteous and do more than a decent job. It's a pleasure", Funk said.

"I had a match against Tommy Dreamer for a company (AWE "Night Of Legends in October, 2011) just over a year ago, and that truly and honestly is my last match. That said, there's no point in being an idiot; if somebody approached me offering an extreme amount of money to wrestle, I'd be a fool not to. Take into consideration too that the quicker I'd lose, the more money I'd walk away with! Think about that! I am retired, but if some idiot wants to go ahead and give me much more than I'm worth, well then I'd take it from them!

What I've often thought about it having one more show, where I'd sell the tickets for one million dollars a piece. If I sell one ticket, then I go ahead and I wrestle. If I don't sell any, I don't wrestle! Seriously, I am retired for good, but that doesn't sound like too bad of an idea".

Check out the full interview this coming Monday LIVE on the Ministry Of Slam over at www.MinistryOfSlam.com from 9pm GMT/4pm EST. Follow MOS on Twitter @MOSRadio. Please also use the hashtag #FSM.

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