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13:44 - 11th January 2013, by FSM Staff

Dixie Carter: TNA Has Never Been In Better Place

It's widely known that TNA don't sell many Pay-Per-Views, at least in comparison to WWE. Far from a knock on the company, the addition of 12 PPV's to an already over-saturated market makes it difficult for the TNA-branded events to truly stand out amongst the crowd. As announced recently on FightingSpiritMagazine.co.uk, TNA have elected to cut back on the number of Pay-Per-Views being produced each year, cutting out several shows and giving more time to build and make remaining events seem special.

In breaking news, the promotion have released a list of schedules PPV's for 2013 - with only Genesis, Lockdown, Slammiversary and Bound For Glory listed. This would mean TNA are only running Pay-Per-View in January, March, June and October. It appears the company will run TV specials on the remaining months, similar to what is happening this weekend for Genesis.

Speaking recently to Jeremy Borash for ImpactWrestling.com, TNA President Dixie Carter told of her excitement at where the group were headed, citing more involvement from everybody across the board and the improvement that has had on the product. The entire interview is included in the video embedded below.

"It's amazing when you look back over 2012, TNA being in business for 10 years. The amount of production in this room right now is probably more than we spent on production in the entire first year! That's a joke, but not far from it! I'm so proud of where we're at, it was a big year. We got Spike TV to put us live, just for a little test run in the Summer, and I knew once we got them hooked it would be hard to go back - so that's added a whole new vitality to the show.

I don't think we have ever been in a better place behind the scenes. Everybody is working together, the camaraderie, the attitudes and leadership amongst the guys is great. It's so nice for me to see the guys who started so young in this company now step up and truly be the locker room leaders that we have today. That's one of the most exciting aspects of where we're at right now; we're starting to involve guys in things they've never been involved in, like agents meetings and getting everyone's input".

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