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16:52 - 15th January 2013, by FSM Staff

The Rock Talks Hollywood

Set to square off in a hotly anticipated match against CM Punk at the Royal Rumble, there are few in pro wrestling who don't believe The Rock will capture the WWE Title come January 27th. If he does so, it's unclear whether or not the comeback star would work a full-time schedule, house shows and all, through to Wrestlemania.

With CM Punk being a definite workhorse as champion, there's every chance The Rock's reign could be entirely different; with title defences booked for Pay-Per-View only. In that respect, Punk could be argued as being the true "People's Champion", due to his unflinching work ethic and consistent match quality.

On the other hand, The Rock is expected to drop the WWE Title at Wrestlemania, most likely in a rematch against John Cena, before jetting back off into the sunset and resuming his movie commitments.

Speaking recently to WWE Magazine, the champion elect was quizzed on everything from his acting career to how he goes about achieving his goals.

"Honestly, if I could start my Hollywood career over again, I wouldn't change a thing. Every success and failure, every love and heartbreak, it's all led me down the path I'm on. This will be my 13th year of acting on the big screen, and I'm lucky to be enjoying the Hollywood career I have these days — but I also wake up every morning with the mindset that there is no substitute for hard work, and there's no amount of sweat I won't drop to achieve my goals", The Rock stated.

"'What's the key to success?' is something I'm asked every single day. I don't believe there's only one 'key to success.' But what I do believe in is hard work, and daily, focused commitment and sacrifice. I believe in being gracious with your successes, and humbled by your failures. I trust my gut and always keep my family close. I live in optimism and faith. When I grab opportunity and success by the throat, I don't let go."

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