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14:01 - 16th January 2013, by FSM Staff

Adam Copeland Talks Tag Team Wrestling

Better known to longtime wrestling fans as Edge (left, with Christian), Adam Copeland's forced retirement - due to severe neck injuries - in 2011 is still a talking point discussed today. Far from bitter, the ex-star has moved on in his life, speaking happily about a fruitful career. Indeed, it's fair to say that the man accomplished everything he could have ever dreamed in wrestling, during a career spanning nearly 20 years.

Speaking recently to FSM, Copeland was very vocal on his enjoyment of tag team wrestling, outlining that he found great chemistry with more than just his best friend, Christian.

"(Besides Christian) I really enjoyed working with Rey Mysterio when we were up against Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit, and The Guerreros. The tag team with Randy Orton and myself was another one that I loved being a part of. I also got the chance to team with one of my childhood heroes, Hulk Hogan, and that was an incredible experience. Chris Jericho and I were really excited about teaming together, but we didn't get to sink our teeth into what we could have done as a team. We really wanted to throw it back to the glory days of Pat Patterson and Ray Stevens. We were committed, we were coming up with team moves, and all of the things were made to work. That's one where I think we would have done some killer stuff", Copeland told FSM.

"I think it's a good thing to see the tag division getting a lot more air-time, because there are so many more things that can happen in the context of a tag team match. There are so many more elements and different spectacular things you can do with four bodies, as opposed to just two. It might not be as compelling from the standpoint of a nip-and-tuck battle, but there are different elements that can be so entertaining to a well-done tag team match, which really got lost for a long time, and not through the fault of the wrestlers".

Check out the full interview in Issue 88 of FSM - on sale now from WH Smiths in the UK and Easons in Ireland. Adam Copeland appears in the TV show Haven every Tuesday at 9pm on SyFy. Follow Copeland on Twitter @EdgeRatedR. Please also use the hashtag #FSM.

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