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12:06 - 22nd January 2013, by FSM Staff

Bob Backlund For WWE Hall Of Fame 2013

The WWWF Title which Bob Backlund (left, with manager Arnold Skaaland) held would change name to the WWF Title in early-1979, but his reign as champion would last until 1983. It was in December of that year fans would see the popular white-meat babyface drop the strap to The Iron Sheik; Vince McMahon's wish for a more charismatic, colourful babyface champion meant Hulk Hogan was next in line. The Sheik was used as a transitional champion, due to Backlund's hesitation to turn heel on Hogan.

Renowned for his peak physical conditioning and technical ability inside the ring, Backlund would return to WWE in the early 90's, eventually playing a wrestler from a bygone era who tried to teach the 'new generation' a lesson in respect. Playing a suited-up Mr. Backlund gimmick, the man nicknamed 'Howdy Doody' (by infamous wrestling manager, The Grand Wizard Of Wrestling) for his pure babyface leanings would once again become relevant, holding the World Title one more time in 1994 before being quickly supplanted by Diesel in late November of that year.

WWE announced this past Monday on Raw that Bob Backlund would join Mick Foley in the Class of 2013 for the WWE Hall Of Fame ceremony the night before Wrestlemania XXIX. Perhaps long overdue, this nonetheless comes at the perfect time; Backlund will be inducted at Madison Square Garden, a venue in which he had some of his most famous battles against the likes of Billy Graham and Ivan Koloff.

"I am delighted that the great Bob Backlund is being inducted into WWE's Hall of Fame, Class of 2013. It's a well deserved honor for him!", fellow Hall Of Fame inductee, Howard Finkel Tweeted.

Legendary announcer, Jim Ross was equally as enthused by the announcement, Tweeting, "Congrats to Bob Backlund on being a member of #WWE HOF class of 2013. I forgive him 4 applying chicken wing on me back in the day!".

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