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13:04 - 21st February 2013, by FSM Staff

Hulk Hogan: I Would've Stripped Jeff Hardy Of TNA Title

Widely criticised for advertising Jeff Hardy for their annual UK tour in late-January while knowing that he couldn't compete for legal reasons, TNA has almost finished airing four weeks of television without its crown jewel.

Following his brutal shot at Bret Hart's asking price as WWF champion yesterday, Hulk Hogan has followed this up with yet another barb, this time relating to the current TNA title-holder. In this exclusive snippet from his tell-all interview in Issue 90 of Fighting Spirit Magazine, Hogan explains that he would've pulled the title from Hardy prior to the tour, so that the champion could perform for their growing European audience.

"Dixie runs the company, but if it was up to me and it had been my decision, Bobby Roode would have been a great champion to have right now," Hogan stated. "The (UK) tour plus a champion makes sense; a tour with no champion doesn't make sense. [But] I choose my battles; some people look at the picture differently to how I do."

Later intimating that being part of TNA creative can be a frustrating process, Hogan hinted he sometimes feels burnt out by the back-and-forth nature of booking debates, stating: "A lot of it is a compromise, but there are ways to fix that. But every once and a while, I'm just like, 'I need a time out, guys'."

The six-page interview with Hulk Hogan is in Issue 90 of FSM, available now from WH Smiths and Easons in the UK and Ireland, and for iPhone/iPad and Android via www.FightingSpiritMagazine.co.uk. 40% discounts are also available on some subscriptions, also via our website.

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