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18:04 - 12th March 2013, by Jamie Kennedy

New free-to-air British Wrestling show set for debut

Returning to Challenge TV for a second season, Wrestle Talk TV is now available worldwide via YouTube. With the latest series running weekly, in a new, faster-paced 30-minute format, it is FSM's pleasure to announce further details of a new, separate show on Challenge, that will quench the thirst of British wrestling fans.

Beginning on March 31, BWC British Wrestling Round-Up is an assembly of all the great happenings on the UK wrestling scene, including footage from the top companies in the country. The show will air immediately after Wrestle Talk TV, at 11.30pm on Challenge, initially on a monthly basis.

"As many of you will know, it has been my dream to try and bring the British wrestling industry to new heights, and to do so as a collective," said Wrestle Talk TV creator Alex Shane. "Despite many of those within the industry having differences with each other from time to time, we all have one thing in common, and that is our love and level of commitment to pro wrestling. Having a TV show that is shared in this way is the culmination of decades of work by so many of us. However, for me it is just the beginning of the real journey to establish British wrestling once again as a player on worldwide television. It's a journey that I would like us to take together with this new TV show."

The new show will come under the BWC (British Wrestling Coalition) banner, as part of a collective effort by Shane and Greg Lambert to resurrect the concept.

"The BWC was a great idea, however being just one main trying to run both the BWC and the FWA, not to mention having my own wrestling career at the time, was just too much for anyone one person to take on," added Shane. "Now, the FWA's attempts to get on the national TV have become Wrestle Talk TV, after FWA MD Tony Simpson stepped away from wrestling. I now no longer wrestle, either, but instead agent selective talent instead (such as Alpha Female) which has given me more time and focus. Now with our links to Challenge, Fighting Spirit Magazine, TNA, not to mention our worldwide platform on YouTube, I have been inundated with requests to assist in the project from both promoters and fans alike, and I believe both the timing and landscape could not be better to attempt to make the BWC concept return once and for all."

In the coming days, Fighting Spirit Magazine will run a Q&A with Alex Shane regarding BWC British Wrestling Round-Up. To ask a question, please follow FSM at @FSM_Editor.

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