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11:46 - 10th October 2012, by FSM Staff

Steve Austin Responds to CM Punk Comments

The ongoing debate as to who exactly is the "Best in the World" continues amongst pro wrestling fans, and in WWE storylines. Many champion Steve Austin as the best all-rounder in the history of the game, with others preferring the likes of Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, and The Rock. CM Punk is another name that is under scrutiny by more modern fans, particularly as he pushes his cause on Raw.

For a number years, many have hoped to see a collision between Austin - the biggest name of the "Attitude Era" - and the current WWE champion Punk. With Austin long since retired, "The 'Rattlesnake" has never fully dismissed the idea of clashing with Punk, a performer he greatly respects. With recent comments made by the latter on Raw, it seems the gloves are now off.

Speaking candidly while filming "Redneck Island" in Mexico, Austin noted that while he had not seen video of the comments made by Punk, he did understand they were "not flattering". He also states that if WWE and Punk had any "guts or class" they would send him footage themselves, so he could respond accordingly.

The prospect of a match between Austin and Punk is mouth-watering, to say the least, and would certainly be a marquee match-up befitting any WrestleMania. Both men have spoken many times about the mutual respect they share, but the hype is building up with these latest outbursts. Keeping things polite up until now, Austin remarks in the video (which you can see below) that Punk may call himself the best in the world, but that he's a "damn joke".

Perhaps the biggest question in all of this is whether Austin can feasibly return to the ring after a complete knee reconstruction in July. Whether or not he is physically able to do so, should these promos keep coming back and forth, they will be entertaining in their own right.

Keep up to date with Steve over at his official website - BrokenSkullRanch.com, on Twitter @SteveAustinBSR and be sure to read his latest guest article in the pages of FSM! Please also use the hashtag #FSM.

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