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12:00 - 11th October 2012, by FSM Staff

Jeff Hardy: Tag Team Wrestling Must Make Comeback

The name "Hardy" and the word controversy have went hand-in-hand in recent years. Both Matt and Jeff Hardy are perhaps best known by the younger generation for escapades outside the ring as opposed to inside it, which is unfortunate when taking into account how excellent the pair have been as performers. Indeed, whilst Jeff has excelled in the singles ranks, both for WWE and TNA, it is for his involvement in matches which lit up the doubles division during the late 90's/early 2000's that he is perhaps best remembered.

For example, it's unlikely that the very first TLC match will ever be forgotten, and neither will the teams who made it so special. Such bouts will always find a place in highlight reels, but it seems they are not only remembered by those who watched them.

"Tag wrestling is crazy important to me, and it's just fun y'know. Going back to the days of all the classic TLC matches, working with The Dudley Boys and Edge & Christian, those matches were so special to me. It could be the year 2060 and those matches would still be cool", Jeff Hardy stated during a conference call to promote this Sunday's TNA Bound For Glory PPV.

"I'm waiting on tag-team wrestling to spark again, for something else to come along and I kinda' sensed it back when Beer Money and The Motor City Machine Guns were having an awesome feud. That was phenomenal, and totally awesome. It'd be nice if tag-teams could become as special now as they were back then, and who knows if that'll happen or not.

"Tag-team wrestling will always be fun, especially for the kids, because I remember what it was like for Matt and I to be growing up and wanting to be like The Rock N' Roll Express or The Rockers. That's the fuel that drives you man, to be so successful in it, and I'm sure there are a lot of kids out there now who are watching old Hardy Boy tapes and wanna' be like us. Hopefully with teams like Daniels & Kazarian out there, the spark can come along again".

Mainstream tag-team wrestling may never reach the heights it did over a decade ago, but with the number of double acts in both top promotions, let's hope the future is bright. Follow Jeff on Twitter @JEFFHARDYBRAND. Please also use the hashtag #FSM.

(Jeff was speaking to Chris Renfrew from The Big Wrestleshark Show - every Tuesday at 10pm on Pulse 98.4 FM and http://www.facebook.com/BigWrestlesharkShow)

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