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12:00 - 13th October 2012, by FSM Staff

Adam Copeland: I'm No Longer Edge

Performing as one of WWE's top stars for almost a decade, Edge was regrettably forced into retirement soon after Wrestlemania XXVIII in 2011. Returning only to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, as well as making sporadic appearances on television, the man thankfully left the wrestling industry behind before his physical condition declined to that of leaving him crippled.

Initially planning to wind down his active in-ring career at the 'Mania just passed, Edge's career was unfortunately cut a year short by doctors, who decided the condition of his neck had worsened to the point he could do irreparable damage should he continue wrestling. Showing a rare regard for personal safety (amongst wrestlers at least), Edge elected to walk away from his longtime profession. Speaking in an interview, the man behind the gimmick, Adam Copeland, has told how he is no longer allowed to use the "Edge" name for public appearances due to not holding a contract with WWE.

"For me, Edge was just a character. I never introduced myself as (Edge). I never really worried about what people can advertise me as. It doesn't really matter to me. I've always just introduced myself as Adam Copeland. I never really thought too much about it", Copeland told a local radio station in his native Ontario, Canada.

"I think if I would have wrestled another five or seven years, I would have regrets. At this point, the rest of my body feels great. Once I get the surgery and they take the pressure off of my spinal cord, I'm going to feel like a million bucks. I feel better than most wrestlers my age; most of those guys are walking like Boris Karloff, while I'm able to run laps! I kind of look at it and go, 'Yeah, I think this happened for a reason.' From a physical standpoint, this is the healthiest I've ever felt".

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