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12:08 - 19th October 2012, by FSM Staff

Kane: I'm Still Having Fun

Currently the longest active member of the WWE roster working a full-time schedule, Kane has been used in such a wide variety of roles that it's hard to imagine the character was initially slated for a "one-shot" run opposite The Undertaker for Wrestlemania XIV. Having lasted 15 years, switching sides from babyface to heel on a regular basis, un-masking and then returning under the hood, forming various tag-teams and holding both the WWE and World Heavyweight Titles, there isn't much the masked man hasn't done in the company.

Recently speaking to Knoxville.com, the current WWE Tag Team Champion (with Daniel Bryan) revealed his thoughts on just how long he can maintain his high-standards of performance, as well as commenting on his entertaining tandem with Bryan.

"I have a few more years to go. I really don't have a specific game plan in mind. I'm still having fun. I'm still having a good time. As long as I can keep getting in the ring, I want to keep it up. I've been doing this for a while, and people have come to respect that. I am also the last of my generation who works (in the ring) pretty much full time. I am always surprising people in doing things they didn't think I could. I like being able to still do that after all these years.

(The team with Daniel Bryan) is one which really doesn't work that well together. The (verbal jabs) in between us are quite entertaining. It's a bit more lighthearted than I usually have (in a storyline). It's fun to do and different than what I have done in the past."

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