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12:34 - 21st October 2012, by FSM Staff

Paul Heyman Speaks Out On WWE

When Paul Heyman left WWE in December 2006, there were many wrestling fans who felt we may never see him in the company again. Due to a business arrangement with Brock Lesnar (the pair are also close friends), Heyman had a wealth of options out with WWE, not least Lesnar's entrance into UFC and the world of MMA.

Regardless of any history, it made perfect sense for Heyman to return as the on-screen mouthpiece for Lesnar, once the former UFC Heavyweight Champion made his return to WWE this year. The appearance of Heyman added credibility to the overall package, not to mention making for some fantastic verbal jousting with the likes of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Now, the former head of (the original) ECW finds himself tied to CM Punk, once again lending weight to the storylines playing out on television. Indeed, Heyman himself appears to be enjoying himself once more.

"I'm having an absolute blast, it's the best of all circumstances. ... Because I'm working with people I absolutely adore working with. I originally came back to work with Brock Lesnar and I couldn't think of a better scenario to come back to WWE (than) with Brock. Then, after Summerslam when Brock went away, I was going away, too, and then came the opportunity to work with C.M. Punk", Heyman said in a recent interview.

"With Brock, I did all the talking and I advocated the position and then he backed it up in the ring. With Punk, it would not make any sense for me to do all the talking. I should do very little talking. 'Ladies and gentleman, my name is Paul Heyman and I'm here to represent the WWE champion C.M. Punk,' and then boom. That's all I should really every say. So, it's a Meyer Lansky-type of position more so than the guy that it up front completely delivering the message for -- by way of example -- Brock Lesnar."

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