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12:57 - 23rd October 2012, by FSM Staff

Magnus: Samoa Joe Is One Of The Best Ever

Debuting on TNA television in early 2009, it was clear for all the world to see that Magnus (then given the title, "Brutus Magnus") was still finding his feet on the grand stages of professional wrestling. Aided very much by associations with the likes of Douglas Williams and latterly Samoa Joe, the time spent in India for the offshoot "Ring Ka King" promotion was also vital in the performance and all-round development of the UK-born grappler.

Praise from legendary figures in the industry cannot be understated, with both Sting and Hulk Hogan praising Magnus and labelling him as "one to watch" in recent months. In his regular column in the pages of FSM, the man behind the character, Nick Aldis, is always quick to show humility and often praise for others. Taking the spotlight this time, Samoa Joe comes under heavy acclaim.

"Samoa Joe is one of the best in-ring performers ever. His style is believable, athletic, and unique, which has made him one of the most consistently popular performers in the business, but it's his knowledge that is probably his most impressive attribute", writes Aldis.

"Joe is able to articulate and define pro wrestling techniques in a way that I've never heard before, identifying attributes like poise, footwork, and cadence that many old-school trainers will simply put down to cliches like, 'You either got it or you don't'. Maybe if those old-timers had been able to explain the things that Joe can, the guy they were helping might have suddenly 'got it' themselves".

For more on Magnus, check out his official website - www.NickAldis.com - or follow him on Twitter @MagnusOfficial. Please also use the hashtag #FSM.

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