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17:33 - 7th December 2014, by Brian Elliott

Dixie Carter: I'm hiring someone to represent TNA

With an expanded format that was much more like the reality TV we're used to, British Bootcamp 2 was a different viewing experience from the original. And with talents like Dave Mastiff, Rampage Brown, Mark Andrews, Kay Lee Ray, Grado and Noam Dar amongst the major participants, overall it was a more entertaining series than that which was won by Rockstar Spud.

Starting from 9pm on December 7 on Challenge TV, however, one performer's life will change forever - because that's when the victor's identity will be made public. Speaking to FSM prior just days before the finale, TNA President Dixie Carter explained what she would be expecting from the chosen one.

"I went into it with a very open mind," she explained. "I watched the whole process; I was not involved in the early process, but I was watching it. But then when I got them in front of me, I had a certain expectation of how I wanted them to conduct themselves, so that just added a whole other layer, because I’m hiring someone to go out there to represent us.

"I'm asking myself how are they going to represent us, how will they do interviews, how will they be behind the scenes? All of those things I’m asking myself, and they are all important elements to consider, so it really brought out the scope for the sort of person I was looking for."

With that in mind, don't be surprised if Carter drops a bombshell when it comes to tonight's announcement of the winner. This isn't just about wrestling ability, or the skill of entertaining fans; Dixie Carter is looking for the total package.

Watch the finale of British Bootcamp 2 on December 7 at 9pm on Challenge TV.

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