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12:41 - 27th October 2012, by FSM Staff

Adam Copeland On Edge: I Don't Miss Wrestling

Having his career cut short by a dangerous neck injury, Edge nonetheless went out on a high, defeating Alberto Del Rio in a marquee match for the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania XXVII. After his WWE Hall of Fame induction this year, the man behind the Edge character, Adam Copeland, elected to step away from the wrestling spotlight. With an acting role in the bag for the new Haven TV show (airing in the UK on Syfy), Copeland recently spoke to the Ministry Of Slam wrestling radio show whilst over on a promotional tour of the UK, facing the question of whether or not he missed being a part of WWE and wrestling as a whole.

"No, I don't (miss wrestling). The only part that you miss is the adrenaline rush from the crowd y'know, because you can't bottle that! You'll never be able to match that! I really don't miss the way I was feeling by the end of my career. I would be in the ring thinking of things I'd never had to think of before, such as the limitations my body was placing on me. My mind was not necessarily understanding what was going on! (laughs) It was like my brain was saying, 'Hey come on, let's do this', but my body was like, 'Woah there'. Obviously, I had pressure on my spinal chord which I didn't realise at first, and it was making my arm tremble", Copeland told Ministry of Slam.

"In hindsight it all makes sense, but at the time it was taking a lot of the enjoyment out of things, because everything really hurt. You'd be riding to the next town with your arms trembling, you can't control it and you're going, 'Ok, something is up here. I don't know what it is, but we need to figure this out'."

Hear the full interview with Edge this coming Monday on the Ministry of Slam, which airs every Monday at 9pm GMT/4pm EST over at www.MinistryOfSlam.com. Also don't forget to download the podcast after the show, as well as follow on Twitter @MOSRadio. You can keep up to date with everything Edge by following him on Twitter @EdgeRatedR. Please also use the hashtag #FSM.

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