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12:26 - 28th October 2012, by FSM Staff

The Masons: Don't Tell The Bride Is Unmissable

Professional wrestling is no ordinary business, but a wrestling wedding takes things that one step further! Rebecca (formerly known as Becky James) and (Loco) Mike Mason will grapple their way into both the hearts and living rooms of Britain, as their rather unique take on holy matrimony hits BBC Three on Tuesday 30th October. "Don't Tell The Bride" features a fledgling groom and his attempts to put together the best wedding possible in only 3 weeks for his future wife, sometimes with very interesting results!

The Masons will appear on the Ministry Of Slam radio show this coming Monday, previewing the madness fans are likely to see, but the couple are quick to give insight into the reality of their big day.

"People are going to see Mike and his best men, Rob Cage and Jimmy Havoc, not only trying to plan a wedding, but also trying to put together the ultimate British Wrestling show, including wrestlers such as Mark Haskins, Madman Manson, Alpha Female and RJ Singh. Plus a Lucha Britannia main event guest match in dedication to the promotion they share their wrestling lives in. All the while Becky is showing her girly side and her oestrogen filled adventures in a way that will surprise any fan that knows her", The Masons told FSM.

"If you're a wrestling fan, this is something you don't want to miss. You'll see how a wrestling show is frantically put together, and you'll also see the positive side to British Wrestling as the wrestlers unite against the odds for people they care about as the very odd family we are. Plus you get to see very large, scary men getting teary."

There will be a running commentary from The Mason's on their Facebook page as the show airs (Oct 30th BBC 3 9pm) so like it to find out the behind the scenes knowledge - www.facebook.com/theofficialmasons. Hear an exclusive interview with The Masons on Ministry Of Slam to preview the show - LIVE every Monday 9pm GMT/4pm EST - www.MinistryOfSlam.com. Follow on Twitter @MOSRadio. Please also use the hashtag #FSM.

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