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13:10 - 1st November 2012, by FSM Staff

AJ Lee: I Miss Wrestling

Making her debut on the main WWE roster in 2010 (as part of NXT Season 3 - an all-female series of the show), few could have predicted the rise of AJ Lee into a prominent on-screen position with the promotion. Indeed, her run as the GM of Raw came as a surprise to fans, with many predicting it was simply a knee-jerk reaction from WWE and short-term booking. Regardless, AJ snatched the ball and ran with it, becoming one of the most entertaining aspects of WWE's flagship show.

Speaking recently on radio, AJ gave some insight into her thoughts on being booked as the authority figure of the biggest show on wrestling television. With the AJ character being portrayed as mentally unstable, AJ also sheds light on what it takes to be able to cry on camera.

"I was like, 'I'm just going to wrestle and I don't need to do anything else. And, I would hear so much advice that there's so much more to this business than that. There are so many levels and ways for people to connect to you. And, I didn't get it until I was thrust into this role (as Raw GM) and learned from everybody else that was in it. Now, I appreciate that part of it more than I ever did before. So, I miss the wrestling, but I know that there's time for that", AJ told the Opie & Anthony show.

"I don't think I can cry on cue; I just feel what's happening. It's real when it's happening and I'm there and I'm her. I just kind of react to it."

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