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13:00 - 10th November 2012, by FSM Staff

Eric Bischoff: Being Live Brings Extra Buzz

Speaking recently to the Ministry Of Slam radio show, Eric Bischoff noted that TNA had "more focus" now than ever before, citing improvements in story-telling and overall character development as being vitally important to the upswing in momentum currently surging through the company.

Adding to his previous statements, the former head honcho of WCW gives his thoughts on the importance of switching from a pre-taped format to that of a live one, giving fans and performers alike a more energetic show.

"Being live makes all the difference in the world. An audience at a live show, particularly one that's been conditioned to now know the excitement of a live experience, come to the event with an extra buzz. Whether it's in the UK or over here in the Impact Zone - which is still very challenging to manage, due to the nature of a soundstage and tourist attraction - the crowd come to the show with a different expectation when it's live. It's a higher expectation, they're more engaged and have a higher level of energy. That engagement and increased sense of energy really translates and connects with the performers. They feel that intensity from the audience", Bischoff said.

"These men and women are athletes, artists and performers, and as such react much differently to a highly energetic crowd than they do to a passive one. That's one of the reasons why we love coming to the UK, because the audience brings a whole new level of energy and actually become a character within the show themselves, due to the feeling they bring to the overall experience."

You can hear the entire interview by downloading the podcast over at www.MinistryofSlam.com and follow on Twitter @MOSRadio. The Ministry of Slam airs each Monday at 9pm GMT/4PM EST! Follow Eric Bischoff on Twitter @EBischoff and visit www.bhe.tv for more information on his TV production company. Please also check out the advert for MOS in the current issue of FSM, on sale now, and use the hashtag #FSM.

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