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13:00 - 13th November 2012, by FSM Staff

Booker T: Fit Finlay Is Essential

Booker T is someone who has lived a life of definite contrast. Crashing to his lowest point when being jailed for armed robbery in 1987, the popular performer would soon soar to his highest by finding his calling in the pro wrestling industry. Building a reputation for himself as someone promotions could depend on, Booker would eventually fulfill a lifelong dream and become WCW World Heavyweight Champion in July of 2000. From there, WWE came calling and the sky was the limit for the native of Houston, Texas.

Soaking in the knowledge of names such as Skandor Akbar and "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert during his own formative years, Booker realises the importance of passing that wisdom on to younger generations. Speaking recently during an interview in the pages of FSM, Booker praised the efforts and priceless expertise of men such as Fit Finlay and Terry Taylor in today's WWE.

"Having a guy like Fit, who is so knowledgeable, teaching the guys the art of the business is essential. Then having a guy like Terry Taylor, someone who has been around so long and has done so much, as well as giving his life to the wrestling business, is great. It's also great having mentors - they're carpenters who really don't mind giving back to this business. That's what it's all about - keeping things moving forward - but a lot of the guys tend to want to keep that knowledge to themselves", Booker told FSM.

"That's a great place I'm in myself, you know, being able to give back to guys like Sheamus, Cody Rhodes and Randy Orton, who I really enjoy being around; I'm getting to watch them do their thing, and see them create their own Hall Of Fame status, having the matches of their lives. That's why I'm in it right now; I'm embracing it, and I feel like I'm in the best position I could possibly be right now".

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