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13:25 - 7th December 2012, by FSM Staff

Booker T Wants Ryback vs. Lesnar

Possible matches for next year's Wrestlemania always become the hot topic at this time of year. Generally considered to be the start of 'Wrestlemania Season', the Royal Rumble should give us some indication of who is facing who at WWE's biggest showcase on April 7th.

WWE look to once again be favouring John Cena vs. The Rock for the main event slot, but this time for the WWE Championship. The Rock is set to face CM Punk at the Rumble for the title, with many feeling the former will capture the belt.

Candidates for a crack at The Undertaker's streak, which has become one of the major selling points for Wrestlemania, aren't immediately clear however. Both Ryback and Brock Lesnar have been mentioned as potential opponents, although CM Punk's name is also being thrown into the mix.

Booker T recently spoke to the Monday Night Mayhem radio show on which specific match he'd like to see come Wrestlemania, and it may surprise some to learn that he didn't mention John Cena, The Rock, The Undertaker or CM Punk.

"The match I would want to see at WrestleMania next year would be two bulls locking horns. It would be something great for the fans, and it would be an extravaganza. It would be Ryback vs. Brock Lesnar. That would be the match for me, just because Ryback is mowing through the competition. Brock Lesnar has been a guy who has went by his 'Modus Operandi' pretty much the same way, just running through guys. To see those guys meet head-to-head at WrestleMania would be a WrestleMania where people would get their money's worth."

A win over Brock Lesnar would certainly raise the star of Ryback, but it's unclear whether or not Lesnar would be willing to lose. On a lucrative contract for a set number of dates, including Wrestlemania, the former WWE and UFC Heavyweight Champion may wish for a higher-profile match to go out with the proverbial bang.

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