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Fighting Spirit issue 135 - Print Edition

Street date: 4th Aug 2016
Price UK: £5.00
Price EURO: £6.00
Price ROW: £7.00
In this month's edition, we have feature-length articles on:
- Randy Orton, as FSM suggests that the return of “The Viper” is a golden opportunity, both for WWE to reclaim some star power, and for Orton to define his legacy.
- Raw and Smackdown, as FSM shows why WWE ought to move beyond the live arena format that began its decline a full 15 years ago.
- WWE’s “B” shows, as FSM looks back on other WWE programming that has fallen by the wayside, under the shadow of Monday Night Raw.
- The Final Deletion, as FSM reflects on the match itself, and the effect it has had on pro wrestling as a whole.
- Ricky Morton, as FSM gets vital in-ring tips from one of the sport’s all-time great babyfaces.
- The Super J Cup, as FSM considers the history of the tournament, and suggests the talents to look out for in this year’s editon.
- Ray Robinson, as in the latest Greetings Grapple Fans article, FSM finds out how he ended up having a formidable career in pro wrestling.

All of this, plus our usual news, PPV and TV reports, and DVD and videogame reviews. This month's issue also includes Rob Naylor's opinion on how Chad Gable and Jason Jordan will fare on the WWE main roster; Jim Cornette's memories of the best wrestler you never saw, Chris Colt; and Nick “Magnus” Aldis on UFC 200, and how the sale of the UFC allowed him to see the bigger picture of the show.
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