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Fighting Spirit issue 119 - Print Edition

Street date: 13th May 2015
Price UK: £5.00
Price EURO: £6.00
Price ROW: £7.00
In this month's edition, we have feature-length articles on:

- Seth Rollins, as FSM charts his journey to the WWE title, and delves into the psyche of “The Architect”.
- CM Punk, as the man himself tells FSM how he's changed since he left pro wrestling, and if it has been difficult to adapt to a new way of life.
- Luke Harper, as FSM talks to those who know him to establish how he has all the tools to make it to the top of WWE.
- Rob Van Dam as FSM readers get first-hand advice about making it in the pro wrestling business
- WWF In Your House, as FSM recalls the ups and downs of the series, and how it latterly helped save the company.
- The mat wrestling trend on the U.S. indies, as FSM wonders if this hints at the future of mainstream wrestling.
- Misawa & Kobashi vs. Kawada & Taue as FSM explains why the 20-year-old bout is one of the greatest matches in pro wrestling history.
- Robby Brookside as finds out the lengths the Liverpudlian had to go to, to be a success in the industry.

All of this, plus our usual news, PPV and TV reports, and DVD and book reviews. This month's issue also includes Jim Cornette's wonderful biography of the late “King of Kingsport”, Ron Wright; Rob Naylor on why Rusev has become such a success on the main WWE roster; and in the midst of working on his fitness book, Nick “Magnus” Aldis takes us behind the curtain on his 2013 return to the UK as TNA World champion.
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