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Fighting Spirit issue 113 - Print Edition

Street date: 27th Nov 2014
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In this month's edition, FSM has feature-length articles on:
- Sting, as FSM looks at what the interest in the former WCW World champion tells us about both him and the current state of pro wrestling.
- Chris Jericho, as the Fozzy lead singer and future WWE Hall of Famer explains how pro wrestlers could learn from the great front-men of rock’n’roll.
- Rockstar Spud, who talks to FSM about his early career, his wrestling education in the U.S, and why he loves working for TNA.
- Magnus, who, in a period of change for TNA, sits down for a conversation about his past, present and future.
- Lucha Underground, as FSM examines AAA’s peak of 20 years ago, and ponders whether its new TV show can put the spotlight back on Mexico.
- Brian Maxine, as FSM gets the lowdown on Goldbelt’s life in pro wrestling and entertainment.
- Championship belts, as FSM delves into the history and significance of
the physical belt itself.

All of this, plus our usual news, PPV and TV reports, and DVD and book reviews. This month's issue also includes Rob Naylor's column on one of the greatest pro wrestlers of all-time, “Macho Man” Randy Savage, while Jim Cornette recalls the amazing presence of the late Ox Baker.
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