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Fighting Spirit issue 120 - Print Edition

Street date: 11th Jun 2014
Price UK: £5.00
Price EURO: £6.00
Price ROW: £7.00
In this month's edition, we have feature-length articles on:

- Daniel Bryan, as FSM considers the style that made him arguably the best pro wrestler of his generation, and ponders what effect it may have had on his future well-being.
- Neville, as FSM discovers why he’s destined for success in WWE, and how it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.
- Kurt Angle, as FSM steps off the beaten path to have a conversation with him about everything from learning to lead matches to the pros and cons of TNA's schedule.
- The Briscoes as FSM examines their careers to show why they remain two of the most popular grapplers on the U.S. indy scene.
- Kazuchika Okada, as FSM strains the language barrier to talk to the New Japan superstar at the Ring Of Honor supershows.
- Lucha Underground as FSM talks to the participants to gauge the success of the show, and why it is important in a wrestling world desperate for new ideas.
- Jimmy Havoc as FSM investigates his transformation from lovable brawler to sadistic walking nightmare.
- Mitzi Mueller as FSM finds out about the barriers she had to break down to establish women’s wrestling in the UK.

All of this, plus our usual news, PPV and TV reports, and DVD and book reviews. This month's issue also includes Jim Cornette's thoughts on how to make the business a better place for those who risk life and limb each time they step inside the ring; Rob Naylor on Neville's time in WWE developmental; and Nick “Magnus” Aldis' thoughts on a month of great change in TNA, and arguably for him, too.
Issue 120, on sale now!

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