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Fighting Spirit issue 112 - Print Edition

Street date: 30th Oct 2014
Price UK: £5.00
Price EURO: £6.00
Price ROW: £7.00
In this month's edition, FSM has feature-length articles on:
- ”Stone Cold” Steve Austin, as FSM ponders what a return to the ring would mean for both “The Rattlesnake” and WWE
- Alberto Del Rio, whose explosive interview delves into topics such as racism in WWE, the dwindling pay-offs, and how he feels he's better off working for AAA
- Natalya, as FSM explores how WWE has missed out on this generation’s finest female all-rounder
- The history of WWE in the UK, as FSM recalls some of the most memorable – and infamous – moments from the group's transatlantic trips
- Preston City Wrestling, as FSM discovers the philosophy behind the uber-popular promotion
- Gary Steele, as FSM documents the incredible moment that the British star became NWA World heavyweight champion

All of this, plus our usual news, PPV and TV reports, and DVD and book reviews. This month's issue also includes Nick “Magnus” Aldis' column on the three clichés that independent promoters must be sure to avoid, while Jim Cornette takes us on a trip across the USA, on what was a busy month for “The Louisville Lip”. Former NXT Creative Assistant Rob Naylor also completes his two-part article on the changes that saw devleopmental territory Florida Championship Wrestling become NXT, under the watchful eye of Paul “Triple-H” Levesque.
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