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Fighting Spirit issue 86 - Print Edition

Street date: 1st Nov 2012
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Issue 86 of Fighting Spirit Magazine is now available!

In this month's edition, FSM has features on:
- Randy Orton's recent WWE lull, and how now is the time to inject some life back into his character
- How Paul Heyman became renowned as one of pro wrestling's great minds
- Booker T talks to FSM about turning his life around after prison, working for WCW and WWE, and his infamous brawl with Batista
- How Jeff Hardy has found another chance as the World champion and figurehead of TNA Wrestling
- FSM looks back at Bill Watts' run as the head of WCW, and explains why time has been kind to what was a poor period for business
- How The Fabulous Moolah's strength of character made her the undisputed queen of women's pro wrestling
- As Ricky Hatton gets set to make a comeback to boxing, FSM speaks to him, Frank Shamrock, and Terry Funk about their returns to the ring
- In the latest in our series on the stars of classic British Wrestling, FSM looks at the colourful life of Tony “Banger” Walsh

All of this, plus our usual news, PPV and TV reports, and reviews. In this month's columns, Jim Cornette adds his own personal take on Bill Watts' run in WCW, with all of the details about the angle that they concocted, and who destroyed it. Also, in what is currently a controversial topic in UK pro wrestling, TNA's Nick “Magnus” Aldis discusses his experience as a young wrestler, in order to advise those who work for free on the local scene.
Issue 144, on sale now!

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